DIY Makeup Part 1

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Is Soap a Cosmetic?

I get this question all the time so it is worth my time to address this issue. Under the FDA Guidelines SOAP IS NOT A COSMETIC.  Below is the FDA’s stance on soap. A cosmetic is a product, except soap, intended to be applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the … More Is Soap a Cosmetic?

Botanical Glossary for Skin and Hair

Enjoy! I find this has been a great reference for me over the years. Quick Guide to Botanicals for Skin and Hair _________________ Alfalfa Extract – astringent, skin protectant, phyto-estrogenic herb Algae Extract – emollient Amla Extract – hair tonic Aloe Vera Extract – moisturizer, protects Althaea Extract – smoothes, softens Angelica Extract – soother … More Botanical Glossary for Skin and Hair