Is it a Cosmetic or a Drug?

So you made something super special and it gets rid of those pesky brown circles under your eyes! How can you market to your customers and let them know just how great it works? The FDA is pretty clear on this. If you want to tell your customers it will remove dark circles under their … More Is it a Cosmetic or a Drug?


Where to Find Cosmetic Formulas

Perry Romanowski owner of the Chemists Corner has put together a great resource for those that are looking for cosmetic formulas. You may also want to read the article on how to reverse engineer formulas. Article by: Perry Romanowski One of my goals is to create a website that gives starting formulas to anyone who … More Where to Find Cosmetic Formulas

Studio Stick Mold

No more messy filling from the bottom and perfect professional look using our new studio stick mold. 4 cavities, 2 pieces. Easy to use solid anodized aluminum that is built to last a life time.

Newsletter July 2013

We always give our loyal FACEBOOK followers an extra 24 hour advance notice on salkes so if you want to keep up with new items, videos and DIY Cosmetics news I encourage you to visit us there and like the page. Now Back in Stock Just arrived after such a long wait our new chubby pencils in silver and black. Take advantage of … More Newsletter July 2013

Airless Containers

What is an Airless Container? An airless container may be defined as “a non-pressurized tamper-proof dispensing system, combining a mechanical pump and a container which after being filled and closed in an air-free atmosphere, delivers the product with no air intake. With a traditional system, when the product in the bottle is used it is … More Airless Containers

The Power of Packaging

Never Under Estimate the Power of Packaging Packaging Counts! Whether it’s the lipstick you make for you Mother’s birthday or your product line the first thing that will attract your customers and friends is your packaging. For small businesses and home crafters this is one of the biggest hurdles to get over, finding that nice … More The Power of Packaging