DIY Cosmetics December Newsletter

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Dear Valued Customers and Blog follower! This is the new spot for all our newsletters, updates and sales information. If you would like to see our monthly newsletter, recipes and articles please sign up for our blog.

Stock Updates

I finally have gotten an ETA on our out of stock products. They are booked on a ship that leaves port on December 25 and I hope to have them in the Warehouse by January 15th and the very latest. If you want a notification by email when they come back into stock your can go to our website DIY Cosmetics  view the item that is out of stock and you will see a big red square button that says “email me when available”.

Some of the items that we will be getting in are our:

Empty Mascara Container Matte Silver

Empty Lipgloss Containers Matte Silver

Empty Lipstick Tube Matte Silver and Round

Empty Compact with a 59 mm well Matte Black (new style, it will have a matte top and bottom)

Empty Compact with a 37 mm well Matte Black

We decided to restock our Empty Pencil Blank in Matte Silver. Smaller quantities (less than a case) will be available from DIY PAK. They are a new business that sell Empty Makeup Containers for DIY.

Black Box for our Lipstick, Lipgloss or Mascara Tubes

We have a new cosmetic box that is a bit shorter for our Eye Liner Bottles.


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