DIY PAK now open for business!

If you are looking for DIY cosmetic containers in lesser quantities than what I sell there is a new business waiting to fill your needs!

Amy from DIY PAK offers a wide range of Empty Make-Up Containers and Tools.  Amy is now our exclusive supplier of our Lipstick and Pencil Molds, Clamshells for Cosmetic Pans, and will be soon carry a full range of boxes including new boxes for the 3 well palette, 5 well palette, 59 mm window compact, 27 mm round window compact and 37 mm round window compact. The boxes will be offered in black, white and red floral design for those of you that may be like me and enjoy something just a bit nicer and pretty!

One of Amy’s best selling products are the embossing plates. These are brass plates that may be adhered to a powder press to emboss a pattern into your powders. Some of them pretty much sold out right off the bat but there are more on the way so they should all be back in stock soon.

You can also visit her site to watch her recipe section grow and read interesting articles about the beauty community on her blog.  I hope you all stop by her site and check it out!



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