August Newsletter

Summertime is coming to an end. We have had lots of changes and news to share over the summer and would now like to take the time to share it all with you.

We are having a Labor Day Sale on Selected Items through Labor Day. Don’t miss out! We also have several of our items that have been out of stock coming in Mid-Next week and have made them available for Pre-Order. This way you can take advantage of our sale and order these items also!
Labor Day Sale: 30-50% off selected items!

Update on Backordered and Out of Stock Products

Did you know we opened a new store last month? Wholesale Cosmetics Pigments now offers a wide range of micas and pigments at low and bulk pricing. We are working on a Knowledge Base to our WCP Site.  Through Labor Day everything in the  store is 20%.  Everyday we offer free domestic shipping on our pigments. International Customers that order from both stores let us know and we will consolidate you orders. If there are shipping overpayments you will get a refund.

Wholesale Cosmetics Pigments is a partnership and it allows us more help and resource to supply a wider variety of pigments, offer bulk amounts which DIY Cosmetic has never sold and offer free shipping for all domestic orders. Here is what we currently offer:
100 Pigments Mica Powders
15 Interference Colors with micron sizes ranging from satin to sparkly. These are also referred to as “interval”,”hilites”. “supernovas” and so on but the technical term is interference.
15 Duochrome Colors
These are micas that have two reflected colors. By the end of the year we will have a range of 4 color shift pigments too.
20 Matte tone pigments. Oxides and Lake Dyes and are pre-packed and certified. This mean they may be used for commercial purposes as each packet has be individually packed and labeled by the manufacturer with a lot#.

20% off Wholesale Cosmetics Pigments and Free Domestic Shipping!

Hot Stamping Service:  We are working on this and plan to add Pad Stamping also in the future which is a bit less costly.



We have had several requests for instructions on mixing Matte Lipstick colors also and have also put together
Instructions for this too.


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