Newsletter July 2013

We always give our loyal FACEBOOK followers an extra 24 hour advance notice on salkes so if you want to keep up with new items, videos and DIY Cosmetics news I encourage you to visit us there and like the page.

Now Back in Stock

New Pencils (edited)

Just arrived after such a long wait our new chubby pencils in silver and black. Take advantage of our sale and try them out at 25% off!

New Products

Barely Berry

This array of lovely sparkly shadows can be used either loose in a jar or you can press them right into a pan. That’s right just simply press as no binder is needed, it is already in the powder.
Check out our VIDEO on this page to see just how simple it is, and how to use various pressing tools.

Coming Back into Stock

Arriving around the second or third week of August.
Lipstick Containers round with silver accent in Matte Silver, Shiny Black and a new container in Matte Black.

Our BLACK SLIM LINE lipstick tube will be back in stock. We ordered double this time as we never expected them to fly out the window as quickly as they did.

We are adding 3 new 37 mm blush compacts in matte silver, matte black and shiny black that match our and our

Our 4 cavity lipstick mold will be coming back in stock. 12.7 cup size to match our lipsticks.

We also have a large assortment of clam shells for pans coming in . They’ll include 26mm, 29mm, 37mm, 59mm and 2 palette type shells for multiple pans.

About our 72 hour sale


We have a large shipment of new products arriving in August and we need space!

Our 72 hour sale starts Saturday July 27th and ends. Tuesday July 30th. Get 25% off all our cosmetic containers including boxes and pans.
The sale applies to our 
containers only including pans and boxes. All other items remain full price.

We are short on stock of some items so you might want to get online early if there is any special item you want.

We have 2 rules.
1. Use discount code XMAS to get your discount.

2.There is a minimum order requirment of $50 not including shipping. (Order $50 and pay $37.50). The discount is for packaging only.


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