Airless Containers


What is an Airless Container?

An airless container may be defined as “a non-pressurized tamper-proof dispensing system, combining a mechanical pump and a container which after being filled and closed in an air-free atmosphere, delivers the product with no air intake.

With a traditional system, when the product in the bottle is used it is replaced by an equal quantity of outdoor air. While with an airless system, when the pump is operated, the product is delivered but when the pressure on the actuator stops there is no air intake inside the container to replace the used product.

Why Use and Airless Container?

Today, interest in airless packaging is being driven by consumer demand for natural formulations; products made from ingredients without preservatives. Airless packaging is the perfect solution for products that are preservative free or with low rates of preservative. Because no air gets into the bottle ingredients such as Vitamin C will not degrade and oxidize as with packaging exposed to the air.

100% of the product may be pumped out for further efficiency. No left over product at the bottom of the bottle.

They may be used for very thick formulations.

There is the possibility of using little or no preservative.

These bottles allow the organic and natural trend to really make sense.

Because there is never a need to open the container the life of your product may be significantly extended compared to other conventional products.

The airless bottle may be used in all positions, including upside down, and the smooth actuation of the metering pump offer the user a real comfort of use.

Is the container re-usable?

Customers ask me this quite often. It is my opinion that you may not be able to clean a bottle and the pump mechanism sufficiently to assure there will be no bacteria or fungal growth in the bottle.


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