Make a Pressed Powder with our Base

Pressed Powders are relatively simple to make but for the best result you need a good binder, decent pressing tools and you need to press hard enough to get a good compacted result.

Our EZ Press Base with Binder already has the binder dispersed through it. Our binder includes carnauba wax in addition to the three liquid emollients.

This simple tutorial will walk you through the basic steps or using our pressed powder base in addition to showing you how you can vary your colors by using just one pigment and plus black and white.

You will need:

EZ Press Base with Binder

Micas of choice plus black and white mica.

Accessory Kit for Powdered Cosmetics

You will need a pressing tool or a pressing pad and pan to match. Best results by far are achieved by using one of our pressing tools.

Pour 1 teaspoon of EZ Press Base onto a piece of blending paper and add 1-3 large scoops of mica pigment to it. If you are using pure pigments or oxides see our instructions here. You would use much less. Follow our instructions for mixing without a blender or if you have a small blender blend your powders together.


Divide the Powders up into 3 different piles.

Take the first pile and pour it into your pan. Press the powder down with the flat side of the pressing pad. If you are using our professional pressing tool follow the instructions. After you have pressed it down, scoop up the powder that have fallen over the edge and pour it on top. Take your pressing pad and press it all down again. If you have one of our professional tools view complete Instructions here.

4place-in-pan.jpg 5press1.jpg 8pour-rest-and-press-again.jpg 9place-in-compact.jpg

 Next take the second pile and add 2 small scoops of black mica to it. (How much you want to add is up to you. It will depend on how dark you want it. Repeat the mixing and pressing process again and then place the pressed piece into your compact beside your first one.


Take your third pile and add 2 scoops of pearl mica to it. Once again repeat the mixing and pressing process and place it next to your darker color.


 You now have your three tone compact with your base color, and highlighter and definer. I got the pattern by pressing the powder with a bit of fine netting between the powder and the press. 




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