The Power of Packaging

Never Under Estimate the Power of Packaging

Packaging Counts! Whether it’s the lipstick you make for you Mother’s birthday or your product line the first thing that will attract your customers and friends is your packaging. For small businesses and home crafters this is one of the biggest hurdles to get over, finding that nice packaging for your products. 
Many of my customers are hesitant to change their packaging or possibly they have spent a large investment on labeling. This is understandable, but customers enjoy a new look along with new products. Large companies are constantly updating their look and hiring marketing professionals for ideas. 
One of our main objectives is to help fill the hole between the small craft suppliers that sell the odd cosmetic container and the large companies that require a customer to buy in the thousands.

Coming next week our new powder presses along with instructions on how to use them, recipes for making your own binder and more….

We have SIX NEW COMPACTS . All our compacts come with a pan, so there is no need to order them extra. 
Your friends and family will be impressed when you present them with a beautiful compact with 4 lovely lipstick colors in it’s own little box. (Boxes coming in November) The 4 well square compact also includes a duo brush.

I have a set of new square containers with a pretty silver collar
These are really nice quality and it’s hard to get a picture to show you just how nice looking they are. You can round this selection out with any of our square compacts and a silver or black eyeliner pencil.

Now offering a set of Matte Silver Containers
When I conducted my survey Customers preferred black and then secondly silver. I listened to what you said and have added a set of Silver compacts, lipstick case, mascara and eyeliner case and then round it out with our silver eyeliner pencil which is coming soon.

Serum Bottles 
I have 3 new Serum Bottles and a 30 ml Serum Pump tube. The bottles are a sturdy frosted glass and the pumps have a nice silver collar. They compliment our airless containers and come is sizes of 15 mls, 30 mls, and 50 mls. Our plastic pump container is a pretty off white pearl color with the same pump design as our glass bottles. Great for travel and your purse.

Preview of New Pencils 
Coming soon we will have two new slim pencil colors, silver and bronze. These pretty pencils are a painted matte, easy to fill and easy to sharpen. Plastic so they don’t absorb oil as wood would.

Money Saving Hint

We want your order no matter how small and never require a minimum charge or a handling fee Often times we make little or nothing off the small orders once it’s packaged and shipped. We do offer discounts for larger orders from time to time. Check out of link DISCOUNT CODES before you place your order to see what is active.


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