Not all Silicas are Alike

We all know that Silica can add smoothness to a product and is highly desirable. There are many different types of Silica and they have very different properties.


Silica Shells are  ellipsoids of highly porous silica.They are able to absorb up to 7 times their weight in oil.
To prevent absorption of formula ingredients they can be pre-loaded with a volatile liquid. When applied to the skin the volatile evaporates allowing the empty shells to absorb sebum.
Oil-control is an integral part of formulating cosmetics, especially powdered/loose cosmetics. These oil-control microspheres work with treated sericite or alone to help eliminate that ashy appearance that can happen when your makeup absorbs oil and sebum.You can also use the Oil-Control Silica Shells to add nourishing oils to your loose minerals or to add fragrance to other powdered applications.
They scatter light on the face to reduce the appearance of fine lines and they boost SPF.
Recommended usage rate 0.5-2.0%
High Absorption (2.2cc/g)
High absorption silicas are used in poured sticks and foundations to increase the viscosity of the bulk.
It reduces the amount of gelling agents and waxes that could have a negative impact on the texture.
High to Medium Absorption (1.4cc/g)
High-medium absorption silicas can help to reduce “sweating “ & cracking” in poured products and sticks Our Spheron P1550 falls into this category.
Low Absorption (0.5-1cc/g)
Low absorption silicas are used in loose and pressed powders to increase the resistance to drop test
and lower the binder amount is generally required
Non porous, the lowest oil absorption silica
· A little bit of hydrophobic surface property
· Good dispersibility & redispersibility inside water/alcohols/silicones
· Ideal for powdered skin care such as
· Is used in mascara to help fast drying

Hydrophobically methicone treated Silica
· Excellent dispersibility in Silicone oil
· Good for water-proof two-way pressed cakes

Low Micron Silicas
2 um (microns) is the smallest silica bead with good skin adhesion property (wet feeling) unlike to bigger sized silica beads. They provide excellent adhesion to the skin. 1.5 um is the silkiest feeling among silica beads and the most transparent.



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