Soap Naturally is now Natural Soapmaking

Natural Soapmaking (once Soap Naturally), is the home of the ultimate resource site on soapmaking information, and of the Australian international mailing list for natural soapmakers! This Web site and the Natural Soapmaking (once Soap Naturally) mailing list are dedicated to Aussie and international soapers all alike, and to all those who want to make their own skin care products that are good for the skin and for the environment. Our intention is to give handmade soap and toiletry makers (both expert and beginners) a forum to exchange ideas, recipes, experiences and opinions, as well as to help each other in the problem-solving department.

Past contributions from all members of the Natural Soapmaking (once Soap Naturally) mailing list, have also been collected on these pages and indexed and made available as handmade skin care and soap making Internet resources. The public Web site includes soap recipes,natural skin care recipes and tips, suggestions about soap making methods, tools and raw materials, as well as history notes and information about suppliers. Please refer to the Table of Contents for details.


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